President and Vice President

President and Vice President


This role is honorary. The individual appointed should have no executive function or role. Unless wishes to have an executive role as well.

The role holder will promote the wellbeing and perception of Scouting in the wider community, connecting Scouting with the local community to help foster relationships between Scouting and other organisations and institutions.

Where Presidents / Vice Presidents attend Scouting events they must be chaperoned at all times by an adult volunteer for Scouting who has an appointment status of Full and an up to date criminal records disclosure check / personal enquiry check.

If a President / Vice President wishes to take a more active role in Scouting than described above, then an additional appointment will be required, applicable to the additional activities being undertaken. All requirements of the additional appointment will need to be met – this may include training and a criminal records disclosure check / personal enquiry.

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