Jedi Camp

Date: 25th Feb 2020 Author: Scout Websites

Jedi Camp Last week members of the group attending a camp out of this galaxy, some as all weekend some just as a day visitor. On friday night the camps arrived then went a and evening hike to come back to a chip shop supper before settling down for the night.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, they had a session in the mystical art of Jedi warfare, yes a light sabre training session, and a visit from a famous droid in the form of R2D2.

(Above group shot with R2D2 all with lightsabers)

In the afternoon we had beavers, cubs and scouts that had signed up for the afternoon session, for lightsaber training, while the campers prepared, fires for some backwards cooking, of a roast dinner in a foil bag cooked on the fires. Once the afternoon visitors had gone home the campers, eat their roast in a bag, cooked some smores on the fire. Before counting with an evening of watching some StarWars shows.

After a windy night the campers the packed up the site, and then hiked back to the HQ for pick up.

(Below, Cub batteling Master Josh)

More images and videos can be found on our Facebook page’s Jedi Album.

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