Fundraiser co-ordinator

Fundraiser co-ordinator

Role Objectives
The objectives of this role are as follows:
•    To raise funds for the group generally and for major projects
•    As requested/agreed raise funds for individual sections for major projects, eg funding an activity that the subscriptions and/or normal charges cannot cover.

The Process
The fundraising process is as follows:
1.    The Group Executive and Sections request funds for particular projects, stating the project and amount required.
2.    For Group Executive projects only the Group Executive shall prioritise projects.
3.    Fundraising team determines events and assistance required from each section (this should be significant for section requested projects).
4.    Event discussed/agreed with Group Executive or section as appropriate.
5.    Event organised by Fund Raising Team
6.    Event run
7.    Funds raised passed to Section/Group Executive bank account
8.    If the target is reached, the request is closed. If the target is not reached, an action plan is agreed with the requestor.

Operational Activities
The required activities to complete the above objectives have been broken down into the following categories:
•    Group executive
•    Event coordination
•    Fund Raising Team management

The Group Executive related operational activities are as follows:
•    Represent the Fund Raising Team at exec meetings
•    Manage fundraising plan for all fundraising activities
•    Report on progress of fund Raising to the GSL
The event coordination related operational activities are as follows:
•    Create event ideas
•    Produce/agree event plan with Group Executive/Section as appropriate
•    Organise assistance
•    Run event
•    Manage money collection and transfer to requestor account
The Fund Raising Team related operational activities are as follows:
•    Manage team
•    Ensure team members understand their role/tenure within this TOR
•    With the GSL recruit new team members
•    Develop the team accordingly

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